Masters Golf Winners

Being one of the Masters Golf winners is quite an achievement and is one of the greatest honors an athlete can earn in the world of golf. The Masters is one of the four major championship tournaments and is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA; a private golf club.
This event is an official event which is part of the PGA Tour, the PGA European Tour and the Japan Golf Tour. The tournament is also known as the U.S. Masters and is by invitation only, being operated entirely by its host, the Augusta National Golf Club. The invitation only format of the tournament means that far fewer players participate than in the other major championship tournaments. The Masters is the first of the year’s major tournaments and is held at the beginning of April each year.
The top prize awarded to Masters Golf Winners is the green jacket. While this jacket was once a subject of disdain because of its unusual color, it is now a much sought after prize. Since 1949, the jacket has been part of the victor’s spoils; the winner of the tournament may keep and wear the jacket for a year before returning it to the Augusta National Golf Club. One of the traditions attached to the jacket is that the previous winner of the jacket helps the new champion into the jacket upon their winning the tournament.
There are also cash prizes awarded just as in the other major tournaments. Masters Golf winners are awarded prizes totaling seven and a half million dollars. The tournament champion receives a gold medal and $1.35 million, with the runner up being awarded a silver medal and a cash prize. Even the lowest scoring player in the tournament doesn’t go home empty handed; they receive a crystal vase. Players who score a hole in one or a double eagle are awarded large crystal bowls and those who score an eagle are given a set of crystal goblets. There is a par 3 event which occurs the day before the tournament itself – a crystal bowl is also the prize of the winner of this competition.
Some legendary Masters Golf winners have managed to triumph more than once in their careers in this tournament. These golf legends include Jack Nicklaus with no less than six Masters championship wins between the years of 1963 and 1986. Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer are also part of this exclusive winner’s circle, with four Masters championships each.
Masters golf winners are considered to be very fortunate and excellent athletes. They perform very well and the lowest score on the golf course at the Augusta Private Golf Course at the Masters Tournament as a part of the PGA tour. Athletes in this tournament are only allowed to attend by invitation only. There are many awards given at this tournament for the top winner, the runner up, and other things like a double eagle, an eagle, and more. Some of the prizes that tournament winners receive include a green jacket, vases, goblets, and a large purse of prize money to take home with them.

Using Golf Course Aerial Video To Promote Your Golf Course

Ramp up your Marketing Efforts with Golf Course Aerial Video and Photos

With a golf course aerial video, golf clubs and golf managers can attract more customers, sell more events and book more tee times. Golf course aerial video as well as aerial photos can be used on golf websites to enhance marketing efforts, monthly publications to drive traffic to your site or in advertisements. With an online video experience, web visitors are both engaged and entertained. Each golf hole can be shot to provide a full video tour of the course and layout. It’s an effective way to make your golf course stand out from the competition and heightens anticipation of golfing at your course.

There are many benefits to having aerial video online. According to Forrester Research, you’re over 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s page one of search results with online video. In addition, most people who watch online videos range in ages from 35 to 64. This is the prime target audience for golf operators. Having video landing pages on your golf website generates higher response rates and engagement than just text landing pages and static images. Golf course aerial video can also be used on YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine in the world.

Aerial video can also be used to market your golf course through top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A video of each hole is a great opportunity for customers to share their experience with the friends online. With over 175 million people using Twitter and over 500 million people using Facebook, social media integration with aerial video is a huge opportunity to garner new customers.

With aerial video, viewers get a bird’s eye view of the beauty of your golf course. Video can be taken of the verdant greens, rolling hills and club house. It’s the ideal way to give golfers the full beauty and golf challenges of a course. Areal video is also ideal for club presentations at your facility to sell new memberships. Once you’ve put the aerial video together, the possibilites are endless.

If you’re seeking to ramp up marketing at your golf course, be sure that the company you turn to are experts in golf course aerial video. Make sure that they can provide you with crisp clear video, captivating still photos and a finished product that will be sure to set you apart from the crowd. can provide you with apartment community photography, resort and hotel photography, commercial photography as well as residential real estate photography. Contact us today for your aerial photography and videography needs.

Using Social Media To Promote Your Corporate Golf Day Event

Here’s a checklist of strategy points for using social media to market your corporate golf day event: p>

1: Make sure that you produce a social media hub for the event well in advance of time. Three months at least. It gives you time to build a buzz around the event itself ” and also to allow potential event attendees to connect and build a chatter of their own. The lead in time between your creation of a social media group for your event and the event itself allows group members to take ownership of the event, to feel passion for it rather than just to like it.

2: Use multi strand platforms. Twitter, Blogging, Flickr, YouTube and FaceBook are all a must. incorporate everything with everything else. Tweet towards your blog, integrate your blog with your tweets, post videos and photos on YouTube, Flickr and in your blog. The more cross-promotion you do across different platforms the bigger the groundswell you create.

3: Know when to use different platforms. Video footage of the course can build anticipation. After that, though, there’s not much for the cameras to do until the event actually happens.

4: Make sure the event website itself is linked to your blog and your other social media platforms. The search engine web bots give much more credibility to your event blog when it is linked to the official site for your event.

5: Analyse the Tweet stream. When you pick up golf and event related chatter, you can join the conversation naturally and create armies of followers through retweets. Do your research on Twitterers, using tools like Twitter Grader to find local people who list golf in their profiles, or who discuss golf and golf tournaments regularly.

6: Talk to people and find out what they want. That’s the whole point of having a social media build up to your event ” you can ask and then do. Find out what your event followers want from your event coverage and give it to them.

7: Be creative. People on social media streams are people, not entities or companies. They like unusual and exciting things. Make your blog posts as creative and engaging as you can. Develop a 3D walk through of the course and post it. Have a contest to design one of the holes. Let your imagination run wild!

Start far enough in advance and share the work out over a team: and your marketing will be your best ever.

I am a social media marketing professional and Managing Director of Panther Interactive Marketing a social media marketing agency Panther was founded in 1994 & has clients across the UK, with a focus in the midlands – Nottingham, Derby, Leicester & London areas. Panther Interactive Marketing specialises in social media, social media marketing and social media networking as well as more traditional marketing methods. We help clients blend their social media into their overall marketing mix. Panther’s team help businesses grow in the UK and internationally with measurable ROI.

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We also run a UK focused Social media


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How To Grip Your Golf Club

The grip of the club is one of the most important parts of getting a great shot. This is the only part of your body connected to the club. A good grip gives you a better golf swing and the best chance of finding your target. The amount of pressure you apply by holding your club will affect the flight and height of your shot. The perfect grip allows you to comfortably keep control of the club and helps you feel the connection of your hands and the club head.

Ten-finger / Baseball Golf Grip
Your right hand rests next to the side of your index finger of your left hand. All your fingers should be resting on the club. This is a great grip for golfers with hands that are not that strong. The grip will become firmer with the support of all your ten fingers on the handle. You will be able to lock your wrist in the swing to give your more force in the shot. However you will have less control over your shot and club head.

Interlock Golf Grip
In this type of golf grip the pinky of your right hand is inter locked with the index finger of your left hand. This keeps your hands connected during the swing. The fact that this grip requires less strength than the overlapping golf grip makes it ideal for women golfers and those with small hands or short fingers.

For the interlocking golf grip, hold your club with your left hand – three of your knuckles should be visible and your left thumb should be slightly at the right of the center of the Grip. Then place your right hand. The index finger middle finger and ring finger should touch the end of the club handle and the pinkie of your right hand should interlock with the left index finger.

Overlap Golf Grip
This grip is also called the Vardon grip and was popularized by Harry Vardon. In this golf grip the pinky of your right hand rests on the top of the index finger of your left hand. The ring finger of your right hand will also touch the index finger of your left hand. This kind of grip gives you the feeling that your hands are connected and are working together during the swing. This grip is mostly used by professional golfers and requires strong hands since you will be using fewer fingers to control your club.

The overlap golf grip is almost the same as the interlock golf grip. The main difference is that for the overlap golf grip the pinkie of your right hand should be under the index finger of your left hand.

Effective Grip Pressure
Holding your club too tight may cause you to slice the ball leaving you with a difficult shot from the rough or woods. You will not get the desired distance. A lighter grip will give more chance of hitting your ball squarely. Let the club rest on your finger and not in the palms of your hand. Most people will tell you on a scale of 1 to 10 the best pressure will be a 4 to 5.

How To Approximate The Age Of A Vintage Golf Club

Even though it is seldom easy to precisely distinguish an antique golf club from one that is merely an old golf club, there are several hints that can at least help us as collectors of golf memorabilia, to date a vintage club with relative accuracy, helping us to determine, ultimately, a golf clubs value.

The following 5 point test, which is really a preliminary golf club appraisal, can offer some quick insight on the approximate age of golf golf collectibles. Determing the age, as you would imagine, is the natural first step in establishing vintage golf club values.

The Grip – The texture of the grip can offer a meaningful hint about the age of an old golf club. Older clubs were generally equipped wit flocked suede grips. Generally speaking, clubs made after the early 1920’s were manufactured with leather grips. It is also important to spend the time and energy to effectively determine whether the grip of a vintage golf club under evaluation is original or whether perhaps it could be a once or twice removed replacement. An accurate assessment here is critical as you begin your analysis.

The Club Face – The club face on antique golf irons is often smooth. Although many players manually scored their club faces, the marking of faces on vintage iron clubs was not introduced until the first few years of the 20th century. Again, even though this would certainly not rank as an exact method of dating old golf clubs, a smooth face would certainly indicate that you are in possession of a club that dates prior to 1905.

The Wooden Shaft Test – Whether or not the shaft is made of wood is a primary indicator of age. There were clubs manufactured after 1930 where preowned golf clubs with metal shafts were overlaid with plastic covers. Even though these are often represented as authentic wooden golf clubs, the old reliable magnet test can always uncover whether the original shaft is wood. If it not, this is a post 1930 age factor.

The Metal Club Head – Simple test. Prior to 1920, a different grade of steel was used to manufacture clubheads. This inferior grade of steel, as you would expect, results in clubs which today look more dated; dark colored, sometimes even rusty. An old golf club that still exhibits a shiny clubhead would point to a piece dated post 1920.

Markings or Stamps – If there is a marking or shop stamp, an Antique Gold Club Reference Guide , like our recommended resource could be used to date the club pretty precisely.

As with many antiques, often times the best way to preserve golf club value is to do nothing at all in the way of polishing, or painting, or shaft repair that would compromise the original integrity of the piece. Any reputable antique dealer, and particularly those in the golf collectibles arena, would be well equipped to help you understand those things that would enhance value vs those things which would compromise value.

Also, remember when acquiring a vintage golf club, especially through a commercial channel, to ensure that you receive a certificate of authenticity, and if possible, a golf club appraisal with your purchase.

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K Harrigan

How to improve your slow motion golf swing

Once I was in senior high school my grandmother paid for me a program at our regional golf course and it disclosed endless golf rounds. I golfed in 2 leagues and ran out virtually every day and practically never had a lesson. The practice exclusively helped me to improve my game and to improve my golf swing due to sheer number of swings I was able to take.

As soon as I was a senior in senior high school I had an 8 handicap. I could tell whenever I made a awful shot what I was doing entirely wrong and might fix within the next predicament that same shot was called for. Basically no two people have the actual body type and for that reason no two people may have a similar golf swing. And even identical twins can have different swings based upon what they’ve picked up right from more sporting activities prior to

Virtually all errant golf shots would be the link between the golfer desirous to notice where his ball is going. Simply by lifting your head up too rapidly your body may wish to raise your arms as perfectly this making you hit the ball off center and sending it towards the rough or perhaps even worse out of range. One more factor in poor golf shots is definitely the speed and accuracy of your golf swing. Most people have a tendency to hurry their golf swing. This contributes to flipping the palms and meeting the ball inside an location not conducive to a straight shot.

The following are a few ideas on how to improve your golf swing. You’ll need to take your time and energy when coming towards the ball. Preserving your head immobile throughout the golf swing is a vital action you can take. Every thing in addition occurs after holding your head in a straight line. You ought to have your nose aimed straight at the golf ball and whatever you do, never put your chin in too in close proximity to your chest. It will cause you to pull the ball to your left when you are right handed and the opposite way should you be a lefty.

Set up your stance so the club is about a foot from the ball. For the purpose of this amazing strategy ensure you have the ball located in your stance and practice swinging little by little instead of shifting your head. Try to maintain your swing in a pendulum approach and you should not put the club in close proximity to your body on the follow through. Your backswing and swing needs to be the exact same velocity. It is every time you begin to hurry each area of the golf swing that aspects start to fail terribly.

Should your back swing is too fast you’ll have a hard time of coming through the ball simply using a clean club face. Any time you hurry the down swing you’ll have a tendency to drag the golf ball or if you bend your wrists throughout the striking plane it is possible to open the face of the club plus the ball will end up squirting to your right. I have listed a few examples of how to improve your golf swing.

Just how long have you been failing with your slow motion golf swing? It might appear to be an unfortunate fact that several hardly ever can really quite… get there. Your course is surely outlined in front of you if you only practice your slow motion golf swing and find out the facts

Play Better Golf Pointers To Employ To Improve Your Golf

Knowing how to play golf is not the only thing you need to accomplish if you love the game. You also need to learn about golf playing tips that will improve your golf or enable you to play better golf. Read up to learn some of the best tips.

Once you’ve learned the basics of golf and you’ve tried playing it, the next thing you’ll want to do is to take some steps to improve your golf. Yes, learning how to play golf should not be your end goal – you should also have the goal of finding out about golf playing tips so you can play better golf. Here are some of them:

1.Never mind what other people will think or say.

It is normal to have people watching you in the golf course. Do not let them distract you though and do not be fearful about what they’ll say or think if you have some bad shots, are not able to swing perfectly, and so on. If you let other people get to you, you’ll lack concentration and chances are, you’ll perform more poorly. To improve your golf, you should have 100% focus and not mind your watchers. Follow the rules, concentrate, and give it your best every time you take a shot – these are techniques on how to play golf better.

2.Test several clubs while practicing and find out which suits you best.

Part of golf playing tips for beginners is to determine which club feels right in your hands and which will enable you to play better golf. You see, golf clubs have varying lengths, weights, etc, and it is a great idea to borrow or rent different clubs, play with each for several times, before you choose the one you’ll purchase. Check what’s comfortable enough for you to hold and which one helps you shoot the ball into the hole better or more easily and stick to that club and you’ll notice that you’re able to improve your golf. Remember to have a golf set too that has at least 2 woods, at least one putter, and 5 irons.

3.Practice and join golf matches from time to time.

Another tip on how to play golf in a better manner is to actually get good experience. Included in golf playing tips that enable you to get experience is to spend some time practicing, as well as join competitions. These will really help you in your mission to play better golf. You have to practice swinging, putting, shooting, etc, and then, even in you lose in competitions, what matters is that you’ll surely learn a lot from them and that you’ll eventually discover how you can win in the succeeding matches.

4.Do some stretching routines prior to your game.

You may not be aware but to improve your golf, you should not forget to stretch before you play. Stretching exercises actually prepare the muscles you’ll be needing in golf games e.g. arm muscles, hand muscles, etc, making you perform better, thus, one of the tips of how to play golf well is for you to stretch e.g. do side bends, hamstring stretches, and so forth. Readying your body e.g. warming up, stretching, and the like, and your mind, is included in the list of golf playing tips that every golfer should make use of.

Anyone can play better golf for as long as he or she understands and utilizes the strategies and techniques mentioned in this write up.

Karen Winton enjoys helping people through her write ups. Have better swings in golf after you read: Golf Swing Eureka. To find out everything you need to know about golf, check out: Golf Beginner Guide.

Professional Golf Guidance

As with any other sport golf also does have an expert level. The difference among taking part in expert golf and amateur golf, nonetheless, may be a quite fine line. You can find a good deal of amateur golfers that can score at the professional level, even so, they’re unable to do it consistently and usually miss out on the tournaments that could qualify them to get around the tour.

Nonetheless, it really is a dream of numerous golfers to play professional golf 1 day and produce a residing performing some thing that they genuinely, really enjoy. Your workplace is the course, as well as your co-workers are men and women who appreciate the sport just as a lot as you do. You share common interests at the professional degree of golf and it may be a quite satisfying profession. But is not that apparent?

Qualifying to play professional golf is yet another story entirely. The subject is extremely aggressive and it can be very hard to break via. Some people today try their entire lives to qualify and always arrive up brief. It takes a whole lot of practice, a lot of commitment, and an capability to get a great deal of disappointment to play professional golf, so know what you’re in for!

To get began enjoying professional golf, you will first need to qualify for “Q School” or Qualifying College. Q Schools are annual qualifying tournament for top golf tours much like the PGA and also the LPGA. In Q School, a fixed quantity of players win membership towards the tour for the following season. In professional golf, that is called your “tour card”. You’ll then have the ability to play in many of the tour’s occasions with out having to qualify.

Getting by way of the Q school is incredibly aggressive and most professional golfers by no means obtain it. There could be as much as 4 stages to negotiate each of them like a common golf tournament with only a small quantity of gamers going on to the subsequent state. The final qualifying school may be played more than as much as six rounds in comparison with the common four rounds in an expert golf tournament. However, players who are effective at Q college can get to the elite level of competition really swiftly.

You can also qualify to play skilled golf in other methods. Finishing close to the top with the dollars listing around the tour’s developmental tour, winning a tournament on the tour after qualifying or as a sponsor’s invitee, or winning sufficient money on multiple occasions around the tour to satisfy whatever criteria the tour may lay down for marketing to complete membership. This last 1 was how Tiger Woods obtained his first tour card.

Playing expert golf is not an easy career to go after, but it is a terrific approach to produce a residing! Persistence, endurance, and a good game of golf can all get you in your way to taking part in professional golf, but be realistic and know that it will take time.

Reasons Why Rescue Golf Clubs Will Aid You

Have you observed your long irons usually are not as consistent as they once were? You do not hit your three iron with the same crispness which you did just a short while ago? The answer to this dilemma has been around for several years now, but some golfers still are not wanting to give in to an undeniable trend and purchase rescue clubs. There are several reasons why rescue golf clubs will aid you, so let me address a few.

While rescue clubs are not new (these were first produced in the 1930s in Birmingham, England), they’ve come into importance only in the last few years. What are a few of the reasons why rescue golf clubs are a marked improvement over traditional irons?

1. Club head shape. Using a lower and deeper center of gravity will help you to hit the ball with a greater trajectory. You no longer will feel the need to lift the ball, therefore you’ll have more confident in striking the ball and allowing the club do the work. Also, they are easier clubs to hit out of rough, since the head will slide to the ball, as opposed to the hosel or leading edge of the traditional iron grabbing the grass.

2. Shorter shaft. Swinging a club with a shorter shaft is another reason why rescue clubs will help you, as it means standing closer to the ball at impact, therefore having a more compact, controlled swing. Distance is not sacrificed that much, as lofts with as low as 17 degrees are available, which is about the same as a five-wood. Also, since you will certainly be striking the ball far better, distance ultimately should be improved.

3. Club head size. The self-confidence when hitting a ball with a club with additional mass will inspire a far more confident, controlled swing.

So now that you realize why rescue clubs work, how do you rely on them to your best advantage? Personally, my thought process when I use them is to swing with a slow, smooth rhythm, and let the club do all the work. I have heard golfers say it is easier to shape the ball with them, but I have not found that to be the case. For me, I usually hit them straight as an arrow, and I suppose that is a primary reason why rescue clubs work for me. I remember once having a shot with a tall willow tree directly in my path, and not thinking I had a chance to clear it I tried to cut the shot around the tree. I did not shape the ball, but it proceeded to go directly toward the tree and with the higher trajectory easily cleared it. That one shot made me a believer. As my club head speed has diminished, my two thru five irons have been retired and been replaced by my new weapons.

When you ought to take Risks on Your Golf Shot

Deciding on your shots needs to be a series of risk/reward options, and whenever I give out advice on what choice to make the alternative ought to always be to the side of safety. It can make us extra disciplined in the manner we play the sport, and basically instructors in any sport will agree the team with better discipline will generally win in an evenly-matched game. Also, putting yourself in position for ensuing trouble-free golf shots will allow you to get into a rhythm with the swing. Check out a great pool player and he is continually setting himself up for a subsequent makeable opportunity.

But still risk/reward indicates taking some risk, so if you played out each shot within absolute safety it would not just be boring, but you would most likely still shoot higher scores. After all, we are competitors and like to live a little on the edge. The key is to have the discipline to choose one’s spots.

If you’re competing in match play, the normal risk/reward principles go out the window. Of course should your foe has put his approach golf shot two feet from the pin you will put aside playing risk-free. Losing by one or four for the golf hole will still be a lost hole. So we only will speak at this point in regards to you against the course, eighteen hole total score. Listed here are a few things to take into account:

1.First hole aspects. I would by no means recommend taking a chance at the first hole, and also for that case perhaps the first three holes. If you’re a bogie player, if you take three or four over par on the initial golf hole, it is a deficit you might spend the whole round attempting to recover from. And if you’re really irritated and this results in one more bad hole you’ll be in need of the beer cart. As well, give your swing some time to get into a rhythm before you request a precise shot from it.

2.Out-of-bounds. The penalty with OB is too great to entice chance there. You will probably be better going into a lake than out of bounds, and certainly when it is between out-of-bounds and also a bunker, aim at the trap.

3.Steep downhill putts. Lengthy downhill putts have 3-putt written all over them. In case you have options between chipping uphill or putting downhill, take the chip shot.

4.Pitching your shot over trouble. Low handicappers are usually not really troubled by lobbing their shot over danger, but a majority of players are not low handicappers. It really is psychological; however most players are going to execute better shots should there be no problems between golf ball and the objective. These golf shots usually demand a comfortable, tension-free golf swing, and there is nothing which brings out stress within the golf swing like finessing the golf ball over problems. If given the option take the problem-free option.

Maintaining a swing tempo is a way to keep the swing simpler. We think it is always important to simplify, even in the Jim O’Connell is a writer and avid golfer living in Chicago, devoted to assisting the golfer become better in his craft, to enjoy the game to its fullest.