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Nike Football Boots

Nike is the most popular sportswear brand in the whole world. Based in the United States, it is the worlds leading supplier of sports shoes and apparel and is also a major manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike is well known for its excellent quality in football boots and has so many different types for all your needs including the Nike Mercurial range and Nike Total 90 range. The Nike Mercurial range includes the following: Nike Mercurial Vapor V, Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly and Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II football boots.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor V combines the latest technical innovations with superb craftsmanship. Weighing just 230 g, this football boot is extremely light and helps improve the speed of players. It has a Teijin synthetic upper, which is engineered to adjust to the shape of the foot, and studs which allow instant acceleration. The Nike Mercurial Vapor V football boot is available in both soft and firm ground sole plates.

Following the success of the Nike Mercurial Vapor V, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly was designed by Nike. This football boot weighs a mere 185 g, and is the end result of two years worth of development and design from Nike, and feedback and testing from a host of professional players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. This boot boasts Flywire technology which is a lightweight support system with tensile fibres that come together and make the foundation for upper material construction.

A second generation Mercurial Superfly the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II football boot was released recently. This is a tougher, faster and smarter boot. It consists of a new adaptive traction plate that features two pressure activated studs for superior grip and instant acceleration. It has a revolutionary carbon fibre outsole, enhanced forefoot zonal spikes and direct injected studs which add to faster speeds on the field. It also has upgraded Flywire II material, which targets support and an ultra thin Teijin synthetic outer layer enhanced with ball control coating to aid control.

The Nike Total 90 range is another excellent football boot that comes in many different types: Nike Total 90 Strike and Nike Total 90 Shoot are just a few examples. Nike Total 90 Strike features shotshield technology constructed from premium grade leather for comfort and touch. These boots have an upper that features a series of fins that maximize ball spin for greater kicking accuracy, allowing for better control and transfer of motion. Nike Total 90 Shoot football shoes are targeted for pinpoint accuracy with every shot. These boots have a leather upper and side lacing system, which make a clean kicking surface and place low pressure on the instep.

NY man arrested after DWI crash

On Dec-25th Suffolk County, NY Police, arrested a man named Ransom Soper for driving while intoxicated after his passenger was seriously injured when his vehicle struck a pole in Mastic Beach.

Ransom Soper was driving 1999 Ford Mustang southbound while intoxicated on Mastic Road when the vehicle struck a pole and injured his passenger severely.

The passenger in the Ford was airlifted by Suffolk County Police Helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

DWI attorney NY Paul D. Petrus, Jr.1 says about DWI in NYC, -Legally, the original reason the officer stopped you need not be related to driving while intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. In fact, routine stops for broken taillights, out-dated registration or even cracked windshields have been upheld across the country as sufficient cause for officers to detain individuals and then to check symptoms for driving under the influence. In any given case, however, there may be grounds to have the case dismissed by the filing of a motion to suppress the evidence based upon an initial bad stop.- (Ref: The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C.,

If you have previously been convicted of a DWI in New York in the last 10 years, you may be charged and convicted of a felony DWI.

Soper, 22, of Bieselin Road, Bellport, was transported to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Vehicular Crime Unit detectives charged Soper with Driving While Intoxicated. He will be held overnight at the Seventh Precinct and is scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on December 25. The investigation is going on.

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are general in nature. Please use your discretion while following them. The author does not guarantee legal validity of the tips contained herein.

1.Paul D. Petrus, Jr.:Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a practicing New York criminal defense attorney. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, call Paul D. Petrus Jr. at 212.385.1961 / 212.564.2440or you can e-mail . Office is located at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3601, New York, NY 10118. Visit more information.

Is Youth Football Too Dangerous

With the increased concern shown by the extensive rule changes in the NFL and college football, the dangers of football continue to be revealed. The game, which has always been physical in nature, has taken some substantial steps to ensure that athletes are better protected.

Sprained ligaments, broken bones and more recently concussions are a normal concern of all players and, if left untreated, can have long term health effects.

Are Kids Playing Tackle Football too Young?

As the popularity of college and professional football continues to increase so does the participation rate in youth football.

Athletes are turning to the sport at a younger age. As a result, the debate on whether children should participate in tackle football continues to occur in communities across the country.

Why Youth Football is Beneficial to Children

Any sport which encourages team work and camaraderie all while providing children with an opportunity to improve their health by partaking in vigorous aerobic activity is beneficial to a childs development.

With the growing obesity epidemic crossing the United States it is important that we encourage our children to continue to be physically active. Youth football is appealing to many kids and, as a result, they are more likely to stick with it for longer periods of time.

Why Youth Football is not Beneficial to Children

Tackle football is dangerous at any level. Not a year goes by where a story is not released about a child being critically injured while participating in football. This risk is especially evident with young children whose bodies are only starting to develop. This can result in an increased risk of injury to the child.

Proper Treatment and Rest is Essential

Given the increased risk of injury it is essential for all coaches and parents to ensure that children are not rushed back onto playing field after they have suffered an injury. It is also extremely important that children are given plenty of time to rest before resuming more physical activity. This will ensure that the injury is treated properly the first time and that it will heal correctly.

Never Place Winning as a Priority

Placing your best squad on the field in football should never be a top priority for youth coaches. Ensure that all players play. This not only protects players from overwork of their bodies but also gives players ample opportunity to learn how to play the game which can result in them better protecting themselves in the future.

Developing Your Personality Through Football

Everybody needs to have some recreation from time to time. One way of spending time for recreation is by getting involved in sports. If you want a type of sport that will give you a challenge and will give you a thrilling experience then it is time to play football.

If you want to stand out in the game you need to follow a set of standard routines. You also need to have qualities such as commitment, passion, and most of all discipline in order to excel in the game. You also need to prepare your body for the game by doing workouts.

Playing football will bring many benefits to you. Aside from excitement and enjoyment, this sport will develop your personality and will also teach you how to have commitment and discipline.

Things You Need to Develop to be a Good Player

Endurance is one of the key factors in this sport and you can develop it by doing workouts that enhance your stamina. One of the most vital elements in football is concentration. If you are playing while your mind is somewhere there is a huge probability that you will lose the game. Without concentration, you will never be able to anticipate a pass of a teammate resulting in turnovers and anticipate the moves of your opponent which will allow goals for them. You can develop your concentration through constant participation in the game.

What You Can Learn from Football

Today football superstars serve as an inspiration for many youths and become the source of motivation and encouragement for them. Playing football will not only teach you how to be efficient and competitive as a player but also teach you how to employ the right attitude in the game.

This sport will teach you how to be a team player. Football is not a one man game and in order to win you need to cooperate with your teammates. This will also improve your communication skills since you will need to communicate with your teammates to formulate an effective game plan and execute it as planned.

This game will also teach you how to control your emotions. Emotions play a big role in this sport since it greatly affects the way you play. It is already proven that players who have negative emotions during the game often lose the match. Once you have learned how to stay calm throughout the game, you will have better chances of winning.

Sports That Work Your Whole Body

We all want to get the exercise that we need in order to remain healthy. But many of us also know that exercising can be boring and very strenuous at times. Yet for those of you who are sports enthusiasts, athletics is a great way to get a good workout while also having a good time. Here is a list of the top 10 sports activities that will give your body a good exertion.

1. Swimming: Maybe swimming does not sound so appealing to you. What can be fun about swimming back and forth and doing laps? Well there are other ways to get a good workout in the pool. You can sign up for classes or clubs such as a water polo club or a swimming fitness class. These activities will not only give you a quality burn, but you will also have a grand time while youre at it.

2. Walking: True, walking doesnt sound like much of a sport, but the fact is that walking is an organized sport and there are even races all around the world! Walking is one of the healthiest ways to keep your heart going strong. Look for walking clubs or races around your area and you will be sure to have a great time. And if you dont think this one works your whole body think again. You have to use those hips if you want to move!

3. Biking: Biking is one of everyones favourite activities. It is something you can do with the whole family as a unit on a nice Sunday, or you can do it more competitively if youd like. No matter what biking is a great way to stay in shape. Biking may seem like a lower body workout only but those arms are working fairly hard to balance yourself while gripping those steers.

4. Basketball: Here is one of the favourites amongst the sports. Basketball is truly a jolly good time if you can get yourself into it. Not only is the game pure fun, but you will be running and jumping around without even noticing it!

5. Football: The worlds favourite sport is not just a game made for the professionals. Football is one of the best cardiovascular sports that you can participate in. With such a big field and only one tiny little ball youre forced to chase people around like youre playing a game of tag.

6. Aerobics Classes: These cardiovascular wonders have been popular for a while now. Anything from Kenpo to plyometrics classes, calories will surely be burned and the entire body will benefit. Easily one of the best ways to work the body.

7. Hula Hooping: OK, this may seem plain silly, but quit being so pretentious! Grab a hula-hoop and let those hips fly! This is a quality workout that can be great fun and surely hilarious. With all that movement in your hips you will peel a great load off.

8. Ultimate Frisbee: Heres one that has flown under the radar as of lately. Ultimate Frisbee is such an inclusive sport with regards to you entire body. Not only are you running and jumping, but also all of the catching and throwing keeps a good movement going on your arms and stomach.

9. Boxing: Again, like American Football, dont freak out about its intensity. You dont have to get in the ring and throw hay makers at one another. Put on a boxing helmet and spar with light hits, focusing more on your movement.

10. Tennis: What better way to get a full body work load than to run back and forth and hit a ball? Tennis is great fun and surely will kick you into gear.

Clemson Tigers College Football Tickets And Seating Chart

The Clemson Tigers may not have roared a win over Maryland recently but their stripes are still showing up pretty well according to their 2009 stats. They’ve been averaging 9 touchdowns and 12-15 field goals versus opponents at 3-4. First quarter can stand to be bolstered up but in the second quarter, Clemson Tigers have been averaging 43 versus opponents at 10, which is fantastic.

Passing strength of the Clemson Tigers is evident with 714 for the Tigers versus 575 for opponents. Let’s keep an eye out for what Coach Sweeney has in mind for this fantastic team this year. The alphabetical roster is Spencer Adams (9), Kevin Alexander (24), Dwayne Allen (83), Daniel Andrews (41), Terrance Ashe (87), Thomas Austin (65), Durrell Barry (82), Spencer Benton (13), Da’Quan Bowers (93), Jess Bowers (91), Tajh Boyd (10), Andre Branch (40), Xavier Brewer (29), Jaron Brown (81), Kantrell Brown (37), Kourtnei Brown (90), Crezdon Butler (18), Jeremy Campbell (48), Sadat Chambers (27), Chris Chancellor (38), Miguel Chavis (89), Quandon Christian (49), Brandon Clear (42), Mason Cloy (62), Kavell Conner (33), Scotty Cooper (44), Jamie Cumbie (8), Chad Diehl (30), Xavier Dye (21), Andre Ellington (23), Brandon Ford (80), Jacoby Ford (6), Dalton Freeman (55), Marcus Gilchrist (12), Malliciah Goodman (97), Jamarcus Grant (70), Chris Hairston (61), Rashard Hall (31), Jamie Harper (8), Corico Hawkins (45), Richard Jackson (19), J.K. Jay (77), Jarvis Jenkins (99), Kyle Johnson (88), Marquan Jones (26), Willy Korn (3), Cory Lambert (76), Byron Maxwell (36), Brandon Maye (20), Antoine McClain (74), Roderick McDowell (25), Bryce McNeal (7), Jonathan Meeks (22), Rennie Moore (94), Kasey Nobles (92), Wilson Norris (64), Kenneth Page (68), Michael Palmer (86), Kyle Parker (11), Phillip Price (79), Ben Ramsey (78), Chris Richardson (79), Tarik Rollins (34), Matt Sanders (54), Ricky Sapp (7), Coty Sensabaough (15), Tyler Shatley (43), Spencer Shuey (47), Caleb Simmons (58), Matt Skinner (71), Darrell Smith (84) and David Smith (73).

Home games held at the Memorial Stadium include special entrances at Gates 1, 5 and 13 for those who need barrier free access to the stadium. There are first aid stations in Under Sections J, T, K and E and ambulances at Gates 1, 5, 8 and 13. Simple directions lead to Memorial Stadium from Charlotte, North Carolina/Greenville, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina.

Top deck gates on both sides provide easy access to north, south and west stands. Those who like up close action at the Frank Howard Field can get up close and personal with the action on the gridiron in sections A through T on both sides. The general admission seating puts you right in the firing range to spot every kick for the goal.

Located on Perimeter Road, Memorial Stadium seating options provide ambience to every visitor in attendance. The club level offers press box seating, president’s box and tiger den seating. There’s also the westzone club area, and two executive suite levels for seating with all the amenities one might expect and a few unexpected treats on these levels as well.

So if you’re looking to catch the Clemson Tigers in action at any of their home games, the Memorial Stadium offers great seats and state of the art facilities, ample concession stands and access to faculties that make your entire stay and gaming experience a most memorable one. Whether you’re looking for seats for just a couple or need group arrangements, it’s a best bet to get tickets in advance and ensure that your seating preferences aren’t taken, especially at some of the season’s biggest games.

Bad Boys College Coaches Gone Wild.

This article will explore the concept of ethics within the college coaching profession. It will discuss the concept of holding the coaches responsible for their unethical behavior along with the Universities. Today, more than ever, the pressure for a coach to win in college sports is overwhelming. Many times the pressure to win or the drive to get the next big job and/or pay raise, causes coaches to feel the need to step over the ethical line. An example of coaches crossing the line can be seen when their program is winning at a high level and they are being treated as Gods by the school, students and fans. This God complex makes these coaches feel as they can do no wrong and that they are above the law. There are so many student athletes that are in need of guidance, so what are these coaches teaching the athletes? So, what is a coach? A coach is one who fills many different rolls. He is a teacher, mentor, role model and sometimes a friend or confidant. In Kerkhoff (2013) Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, referred to his group’s Code of Ethics. Article 2, Section 2 states that a coach should conduct himself so as to maintain the principles, integrity and dignity of his institution, Teaff went on to add, The second article which I think applies and is very important is Article 8, Section 1. It states that it’s vitally important that a coach’s actions and behavior at all times bring credit to himself, his institution and the game of football. When you think about college coaches today, coaches such as Pete Carroll, Joe Paterno, Jim Tressel, and Bruce Pearl come to mind. What do these coaches have in common besides their proven ability to win at the highest level? It is that they practice unethical behaviors and have no regard for the rules that are in place. What are the consequences for these coaches? All four of these coaches were either fired or let go from their programs. Bruce Pearl was fired and Jim Tressel resigned because they lied to the NCAA to cover up rules infractions. Pete Carroll left the University of Southern California to coach in the National Football League just as the NCAA applied sanctions to the University for his actions while coaching and Joe Paterno, who was considered as one of the best college coaches ever, helped to cover up the actions of a convicted child molester. In all cases, the coaches were fired and the Universities were left holding the bag. That’s what is crazy about these situations. The universities and the students are the ones who suffer the consequences. Once the investigation is completed the coaches have usually moved on to another job and the students are the ones who pay the price. They are the ones that are left to work through the punishments handed down. With respect to the four coaches I listed earlier, Bruce Pearl and Jim Tressel are both able to coach but haven’t returned. Pearl is an analyst for CBS and Tressel is now the vice president for student success at Akron, where he teaches a course on coaching. Pete Carroll just won the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks and Joe Paterno is now dead. The NCAA is finally starting to address this problem with a new enforcement structure that is supposed to dramatically change the way it punishes these unethical coaches in college athletics. These changes that took effect Aug.1 2013 mean that coaches will finally be held accountable for infractions that happen under their watch. It also means that these coaches could be penalized in a way that follows them if they change jobs. In Auerbach (2012), NCAA President Mark Emmert stated, we have sought all along to remove the ‘risk-reward’ analysis that has tempted people-often because of the financial pressures to win at all costs- to break the rules in the hopes that either they won’t be caught or that the consequences won’t be very harsh if they do get caught. Hopefully this new plan will work, but why has it taken so long? Mandel (2007) stated, cheating in college football is a tradition as old as the sport itself. In fact, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Scandal is almost as much a part of the sport’s culture as tailgating and fight songs. It is sad, but it is true. These new rules might curb the behavior of these unethical coaches until they find that ever present loophole and they’ll be up to their old games. In Associated Press (2012) David Ridpath, past president of The Drake Group stated, it sounds nice in theory but until I see a big-time coach like (John) Calipari or somebody get suspended for a year, I will not believe this will do anything. In conclusion, the NCAA has finally added some consequences to make sure their rules are followed and for this I give them credit. The big question is, will they adjust these rules when the rule-breaking coaches find the loopholes? My suggestion is to let them use the loopholes, slip it around their necks and let them hang themselves.

Associated Press. (2012). NCAA Approves Tougher Sanctions. Retrieved from:

Auerbach, N. & Wolken, D. (2012). NCAA Overhauls Enforcement Rules. USA Today Sports.

Kerkhoff, B. (2013). Nothing New About College Football Coaches Misbehaving. The Kansas City Star. Retrieved from:

Mandel, S. (2007). Bowls, Polls & Tattered Souls : Tackling the Chaos and Controversy That Reign Over College Football. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons.

College Football Recruiting Services – Recruited Process

College football recruiting services can help you get recruited, but one piece of advice I would give any high school athlete going into college, education wise, is to go into a degree that will be good for you – something that you like, something that you enjoy, but also something that you could see yourself doing in the future. A lot of college athletes go into school thinking ‘Oh, I’m just going to play football’ and they don’t have a backup plan. So when their football career is done they’re stuck with nothing. They don’t have a degree, they haven’t finished, or they’re going into something that they can’t do anything with. So my advice would be – coming out of high school, going into college – make sure your degree is applicable, and is something that you want to do, and make sure it’s a good backup plan for you. Talk to a college football recruiting service, so that if you finish with football at the end of your career you know that it’s something that will work out for you and be good for your future.

If there’s one thing that I would have done differently in high school while being recruited it’s: I wouldn’t have given a verbal commitment so early, because when you do that some teams tend to back off. Some schools tend to pull out – if they’re giving you and offer, they won’t anymore, and they’ll look at someone else instead. So that’s one thing that I would have done differently: not commit so early. College football recruiting services can help with that process” -Jayson Rego (Running back for the University of Hawaii)

“You don’t have to wait until your senior season to start the college football recruiting process and get in contact with coaches.

It will definitely help a college football player to be more vocal. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you should ask a coach. A lot of times there are players that have questions about “how to do this” or “how can I do that’ and I think that coaches – at least most of them – are very willing, and want to help in any way they can with the college football recruiting process. And a lot of times they can’t help you unless you ask. And most of the time they will be more than willing to help you. Whether it’s with college or with football, or any other sport, or just working out, or how you can better yourself in the sport that you’re playing, just have the courage to ask.

I know for me, growing up, it was difficult to talk to the coaches. It wasn’t the coaches fault, it’s just myself and my personality – I was afraid to ask too many questions. But it’s definitely better to ask a lot of questions than to ask no questions and trying to figure out everything on your own. It’s a totally different world out there, and you need other people to help you through the college football recruiting process.

Not everyone has someone that has been through the experience before that can help ‘coach them up’ – so if you’re one of those people, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It will really help you out. Ask and you shall receive.” -Inoke Funaki (Quarterback for the University of Hawaii)

“Some advice that I would give to kids that want to get recruited for football coming out of high school going into college: I’d tell them to work hard and make sure your grades are up – that’s the most important thing, and it’s the first thing that colleges look at. Other than your athletic ability they’re going to check up with your GPA, your grades, what’s up with that. Going into your senior year of high school I’d focus on that a lot, especially if you want to get recruited for football.

And then, also, heading into your freshmen year of college – the important thing is to work hard. When I was in college, the two things that I would tell myself are:

1. ‘Do you want to be a hero or a zero’ – and that means: do you want to take the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is to be a hero, and the easy way is to be a zero – to be a nobody. And so I’d always tell myself to be a hero: do things that are out of the ordinary, do things that are extraordinary. Let’s say the team starts working out at 7:00am, I’d get there at 6:00am and get an hour extra. Because I know that if I’m doing it you’ve got to believe that someone else out there is doing the same thing as me. So you can never work too hard.

2. My dad used to always tell me ‘winning is everything because the losers go home and cry’ and you know, that’s the mentality I had throughout my entire athletic career. You’ve got to win, and in order to win you’ve got to have that state of mind that if you lose it’s the end. Because winners go on to be bigger, better, more successful and get recruited for football, and losers – they go home.” -Jayson Rego (Running back for the University of Hawaii)