Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan

In United States, there are indeed several insurers that use the word “Citizens” for their companies names. One of the most popular among all of them is the Citizens Insurance Company of America. It is based in Michigan and a subsidiary of The Hanover Insurance Group, hence Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan. Although the companys headquarter in Howell, Michigan, it operates in many regions of the Midwest.

Basic Auto Coverage

The Michigan auto insurance is based on no-fault policy. That means your insurer will pay for all the necessary medical cost, rehabilitation expenses, and even provide reimbursement for lost wages in case you are incapacity to work due to road accidents for up to three years. The no-fault policy is considered as the most generous type of insurance policy because it provides payout regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The main purpose of such regulation is to prevent lawsuits being filed in the case of accident unless someone is severely injured or killed. It simplifies things.

Car insurance in Michigan is one of few that apply this no-fault regulation. Currently, there are only 12 states in the country providing the benefit. The official website of Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan does not provide information about this because all information about coverage, discounts, etc., is available at The Hanover Insurance Groups website.

The basic auto coverage liability requirement for drivers in Michigan includes PIP (personal Injury Protection), Property Damage, and Bodily Injury. Auto Citizens Insurance Michigan, however, does not limit your options to those basic policies. Optional coverage is available, but you may need to check for it at the official website of The Hanover Insurance Group. Among all options provides, the Connection Auto feature allows you to customize your coverage depending on what you need. This feature has some good options for example Roadside Assistance, Travel Right Endorsement, Rental Coverage Upgrade, Extended Non-Owned Auto Coverage, and more.


Based on last years report, Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan has been affirmed to have an “A” (Excellent) financial rating by A.M. Best, a reputable independent insurance reviewer. The rating was for the parent company, but it also applied to all of its subsidiaries. The FSR (Financial Strength Rating) and ICR (Issuer Credit Rating) of “A” have been confirmed to many of its subsidiaries including Citizens Insurance Michigan (Citizens Insurance Company of America).

Anti-theft Car Covers

Most people only think that car covers are only meant for protecting the car from elements of weather, dirt and other basic purposes of the sort. These are some of the benefits that you can get from these covers but there are others. One of the other basic things that these thin fabrics can do is protecting your car from being stolen. This sounds absurd as the covers are thin sheets that can be removed with a razor blade but it has been proven a fact. Most thieves steal things because they are seeing them and not because they had plans for it. A cover can prevent your personal items from being stolen.

Look at a situation where thieves want to steal a car in a public place and are not aware who the owner of the car is. This will compel them to get in the car as fast as possible and drive off at the speed of lightning. A car that is covered will require some tine to remove, fold and store it as you cannot just discard it on the street as this will look suspicious and attract attention. This makes the car covers essential and cheap anti theft investments.

Other than the external part, the covers are responsible for providing protection to contents inside your car. Kleptomaniac are thieves who still for the sheer thrill of it. If the contents that you have stored in your car are not being seen, there is less likelihood that a thief will take time on planning to break into your car. This ensures safety of contents stored in your car. In addition, you will require to take off the cover before getting into the car,. This is another task that will require a lot of time and thieves are always in hurry and escape before being noticed by the owners.

There are some car covers that come with car locks. The cover lock is a means of making it difficult for thieves to remove the covers. Since only the owner has the keys to unlock the covers, thieves will be forced to tear off the covers to get access to get into the car.

The covers fitted with locks also come with cables customized in them. The cable in the cover is coated with vinyl and is hence friendly to all parts of the car. There are some that were attributed with destroying the color of the car but this one is safe. These covers are sold with grommets and loops for tying down. The cable is passed through one of the grommet and under the car. Let the end pass through the other grommet and then you can lock it. Your car and covers are both secure now. Most people prefer using lock and cable car covers since they are hard to break through. Moreover, breaking them will take a lot of time. In addition, the tools used to break the lock and cable attracts attention or the owner of the car.

The 10 Steps Of Car Salesman Training

When you become an auto sales person, the dealership where you are starting your sales career will typically provide some sort of car salesman training. This training will teach you everything you need to start selling vehicles regardless of you ever having any sales experience. Every car dealer has a certain selling system that they teach their sales people which may consist of 8 to 12 different steps. Overall the car sales systems are generally the same with some of the steps get combined and other dealers drag them out.
I will use a 10 step system to illustrate the steps and the reasons for each step in the car salesman training program so you can see the importance of each step. The sales systems that auto dealers use to train car salesmen is not been put together haphazardly, there have been years of study and research done to create an atmosphere that is conducive to buying a car.

The Car Salesman Training Steps

1. Meet and Greet: This is the introduction of the car sales person to the potential car buyer. You shake hands, exchange names and try to get comfortable with each other.

2. Discovery: This part of the car salesman training is where the sales person will ask the customer questions and try to understand what they want, such as options, colors, new or used, price range etc.

3. Choose a Vehicle: This is a critical step because if you put them in the wrong car you wont sell them no matter how good a car salesman you might be. This is where the car salesman training can make a big difference because you must be sure to choose a vehicle in their price range they actually like and want to drive home.

4. Why Buy Today: After selecting the right car it is time to tell them why they should buy it now. It could be any number of reasons depending on the car. It could be special financing, other interested buyers or the big sale that is going on.

5. Walkaround: During your car salesman training you will be instructed on how to do a proper Walkaround which is exactly what it sounds like. You show the customer all of the features and benefits from under the hood to the interior.

6. Test Drive: You car sales training will also show you the key points of taking your customer for a test drive while you have the potential car buyer focus on the areas or options that are important to them.

7. Negotiation: You learn how to present numbers and payments to the customer and overcome objections which keep you car buyer from saying yes.

8. Closing: Now its time to close the car sale. There are many different car sales closing techniques which you can use to close the car sale which are based on the type of customer you are selling.

9. Delivery: The car salesman training will take you from doing paperwork to greeting the car ready for delivery and introducing your customer to the business manager.

10. Follow Up: The final step of any quality car sales training system includes following up with your customer. It is important to have a happy and satisfied customer so they will return and buy more cars over the years.

As you can see, there is much more to selling cars than driving cars and collecting checks. Each step of the car salesman training is quite involved and could cover all of the word tracks, sales scripts and psychological factors that are involved in selling cars professionally.

Car Decals An Enchanting Way To Get Your Car Personalized

Giving a car a personalized, well-designed look is quite a common practice these days. Each individual wants to appear differently and wants to showcase the individuality for their benefit. Thats quite a natural phenomenon. Interestingly, the options and opportunities have only grown greater with time and now this quite an easy process. As a result, a huge chunk of individuals have opted for striking personalized designs on their vehicles in order to look entirely distinguished.

The vehicle decals are designed with the help of a computer and the design is printed onto the vinyl material. Here, you get the benefit of creating your own decal design. Either you can get the help of a graphic designer or you can design the car decal on your own. The reality is that using car decals help you in more than many ways. They are not just a tool to personify your vehicle, but it has many useful features.

Give a fresh look

By choosing the car decals, you are going to upgrade your vehicle without spending too much on the renovation. Giving your car the new looks and style! This is really possible with the car decals now. The graphic designs look great on cars, especially when it is done with a creative outlook. You can make sure that your car stands alone in the crowd. The idea is great because the new avatar of your car is possible if you bring a few inexpensive car decals.

Promote or display

You may have some favorite lines which you want to just put on your car. Well, that is something always fascinating! If this is the case, you can go ahead and get those words in the form of car decals and can be wisely apply on the car so that it gets noticed. Or else, if you are on a publicity mission where you want to promote your business or publicize your creative work, you have great opportunity to do so without stretching yourself too much. This is like a piece of cake! Get your advertisement and publicity material on to a car decal and apply them on your car, you know, nothing can get better than this, because they are going to work as a mobile billboard for you. Is not that great enough to choose car decals on your vehicles?

Deal with scratches and severe weather conditions

When you go for car decals, you have these two notable benefits. One is, certainly, you can hide a major scratch on your car in a clever manner. You dont need to go to the mechanic and get the scratches removed. What you need to do is just bring some groovy car decals with some beautiful and useful graphics or some meaningful texts so that you can apply them on the scratched area and can easily get rid of the annoyance. Also, we can use car decals as a preventive measure. You can use large designer decals to protect your car from scratches and extreme heat exposure. You get water resistant car decals as well. These are some ways that can transform your old car into a strikingly attractive one or give boost to your advertising or else protect your vehicle from scratches and adverse weather.

How To Convert Your Scalextric Car To Digital

The first thing you have to work out is what type of Scalextric car you have is the car a Digital Plug Ready (DPR) car,F1 car or does the car need one of the chips that require soldering either the F1 chip or the saloon car chip.
The digital plug ready cars are very simple and can easily be fitted in less than 60 seconds. DPR cars have a small trap door behind the guide blade with a single screw to hold the door securely. Simply unscrew the door and you will find a small white in colour plug fitted to the door. Remove this plug and discard the trap door then fit the white plug to the digital chip C8515. Then replace the chip in the hole in the chassis and tighten the screw. Then your car is ready to race on your digital track. The process is exactly the same for the F1 cars that are DPR but with this conversion you will require digital chip C8516. You will find the process a little harder as on the F1 cars there is very little room to place the chip but with a little pressure the chip will go in to place correctly and then with the tightening of the screw will ensure that the chip is flush with the level of the chassis.

The second car conversion it is more technical and will require soldering and possibly some modelling techniques. As with the DPR cars the Scalextric F1 chip C7005 are smaller due to the area contained under the body of the car is very small, thus the chip has to be far smaller compared to the Saloon chip. F1 chips can be used on some car where space is at a premium like Rally cars and some other single seater cars. For years Scalextric have been adding the chip mounts to the inside of the chassis of their cars and also a small hole for fitting the LED behind the guide blade with small screw mounts to make this process easier.
To start with you will need to remove the body of your car and then you will be able to see which chip you will need with the space available. Once you have decided on the chip first look at the routing of wires for when fitting the chip you will need the wires to follow the current path for the best fit for the chip. This should prevent any distorting of the guide due to poor wire mapping inside the car. Then you will need to remove the wires from the motor this is best done with a soldering iron by melting the existing solder while gently pulling the wires and then the wires will come free. The next stage is to remove the wires completely from the car from the guide. Simply slip the metal plates off the guide and at this point the wires can be removed.

We find the next stage is best to fit the digital chip to the mounts on the chassis. The mounts will look like two plastic spikes and on the chip there will be two groves where the chip fits to the mount. Some cars it can be a very tight fit so be careful not to damage the chip in the process. Once the chip is securely in place, look for the hole behind the guide. There is a possibility that there will be mounts for screwing the LED detector in place but do not worry if there is not, just make sure the hole is big enough for let the led through the hole and glue in place with strong glue such as super glue. Only glue around the edges so not to get any glue on the part of the led that will be visible to the bottom of the car as this can affect the detection of the car on the track.
The final stage will be fitting the wires to the guide and motor. The guide wires have metal contact for fitting to most modern guides. These contact just slip on to the guide from the side then replace the guide braid disc and this part is complete. Pay attention to make sure that the wires are running as they were when you removed the old wires. If done correctly the guide should be facing straight. If the guide is pointing either way try to route the wires so to rectify any deviation from the correct position. Now for the final use of the soldering iron, attach the motor wires to the motor, only lightly solder the wires to ensure that you have then to the correct points, as it is very simple to wire then the wrong way round and send you car backwards round the track. So at this point test the car to see if everything is running correctly. If all ok solder the wires completely and then attach the body back to the car an you are ready to go race on your digital track. If the car runs backwards
un-attach the wires as covered earlier and swap their positions and then solder.
Now you have completed you first digital conversion to your Scalextric car using either C7005 or C7006 digital conversion chip.

Overall the process is very easy and will just require a little patience and a steady hand. So if you find you dream Scalextric car and it is not DPR then do not worry you can get it racing around your Scalextric digital track with a little work. Also it is possible to convert other makes of cars to digital but we advise to seek help from various forums for the correct advice for each make of car as they all vary.

Should I fix, dump or donate my car

If you have an older car that needs repair, at some point you will be faced with the choice of whether to fix it, dump it or donate it. The decision about whether to fix your car depends on the nature of the needed repair and whether or not you can do the work yourself. If you are handy with cars, you might decide to fix the car yourself. If not, you need to know the value of your car. If the cost of repairing it is more than the car is worth, it does not makes sense to fix it.

One thing to consider when making the choice about whether to fix your car is how often it breaks down. If your average monthly repair costs are equal to the cost of a better car, it is probably time to dump or donate your car. If you are on a first name basis with your mechanic or you have him on speed deal, it is time for another car. The safety of your car should be another consideration. If your family is riding in a car that is not safe, you need to get rid of it. Also, if the car has a lot of rust, gets horrible gas mileage, has been in a flood or in a serious accident, you should strongly consider replacing it.

Once you have made the choice not to fix your car, you then have to decide how to dispose of it. You do not want to sell a potentially dangerous vehicle to an unsuspecting person. If that is the case, selling it to a private person should not be an option. That will narrow your choices down to selling it to a junk yard or donating car to charity.

The price you will get from a junk yard depends on your location and whether you can drive the car to them. The average price a junk yard will give you for a car you can drive it in is $200. If the junk yard has to tow your car, you will get about half that amount.

Many people mistakenly believe that they can only donate car to charity that runs and is in decent shape. Many charities are happy to take cars that are old or are in bad shape. Most car donation charities have contracts with parts yards to take cars for a pre-determined amount. That amount is usually more than someone could get on their own. In any case, when you donate your car to charity you get a tax deduction of at least $500. If the charity is able to sell your car for more than $500, you can claim the sale price as your tax deduction. All you need to do to claim your tax deduction is to itemize on your federal tax return.

Besides getting a tax deduction and getting rid of a car that is giving you a headache, the other good thing about car donation is that you can help to support a cause you believe it.

End Of Financial Year New Car Sales

The end of the financial year is an excellent time to buy an automobile. That is the time of year when automobile manufacturers and dealerships are willing to make the best deals. Many offer deals at the end of the financial year they would not consider doing anytime else. No manufacturer wants to have vehicles returned to them unsold. No automotive dealership wants the previous year’s model sitting on the lot when the new models are being released. For this reason the end of the financial year is a great time for consumer to purchase cars.

Each year vehicle dealerships receive a certain allotment of new vehicles. Generally these vehicles have all the latest refinements so their prices are usually high. Many consumers love to be the first person to own certain vehicles. These are the people who flock to the dealerships at the beginning of the financial year. Businesses that lease fleets of vehicles also get them at the beginning of the financial year. For the person looking for a good deal that would be the wrong time to attempt to buy a vehicle. The dealers are excited about the new vehicles and businesses and certain individuals want them the moment they roll off the production line. New car sales soar as consumers are intrigued by the car brochures promising all manner of benefits.

When the financial year comes to an end there tends to be a number of unsold new cars sitting idle. The savvy buyer knows this and understands the dealership is desperate to unload its old inventory to make room for the new models waiting to arrive. The year-end buyer can choose from low mileage, well maintained fleet vehicles, slightly older trade-ins, demonstration models with many great accessories and very low mileage and brand new models from the year which is coming to an end. It’s a buyer’s market and they can often negotiate very favourable terms.

Whether they are looking for small cars, new cars, slightly used ones or anything in between, a customer’s best bet is to wait until the end of the financial year. They may be able to make straight cash deals or combine a trade-in with some cash and get a brand new model. Dealerships and their finance companies are often ready to offer generous financing terms and may even be willing to work with people who do not have perfect credit. For the vehicle dealership the whole focus at the end of the financial year is to move cars and make money.

New car sales make a car dealer look good. Manufactures love a car dealership that is able to sell all or most of their allotment of new cars. The ability to sell new vehicles whether they are small cars, light trucks or sport utility vehicles based on the photos and descriptions in the car brochure is invaluable. To maintain this reputation car dealerships are almost willing to give cars away at the end of the financial year.

Entire Airport Car Hire. Compare and Save Quickly!

Want a site to save you everything, money, time and hassle, well try There are loads of car hire websites out there but this one will certainly offer you more than the average site.

This new on the scene car rental comparison site really does attempt to make the whole drawn out process of booking worldwide car hire as easy as possible, but not only that this site will save you money simply because they truly compare prices from nearly all of the biggest names in car hire such as Budget, Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Alamo as well as many of the more local car rental companies.

The great beauty of this site is not only the fact that it saves you money every time; it’s the other things it also offers you. For example, they’ll give you information on all the countries and locations listed on its web pages. This sort of information can be very helpful when planning your holiday.

Then there are also things like places to visit section, driving regulations section and the opportunity to create your own unique driving route. The ability to create your own driving route is an especially nice touch, imagine being able to create a route which doesn’t simply take you along all of those boring major highways which always look the same, instead imagine driving along a beautiful coastal road or even a driving route which will take you to many interesting places on the way to your final holiday destination. In fact, you could almost tailor your whole holiday around your hire car.

So imagine you want to hire a car when you arrive at Malaga airport. You just go to our website and go to our Malaga airport page. Read all about hiring a car in Malaga, Spain then enter your rental dates then view the results, all done with the minimum amount of fuss and quickly. However imagine you want to drive a car to a much more remote place such as Kiruna in Sweden, well just go to kiruna airport car hire and you’ll get all the information you need. The point I’m trying to make here is that this site is so extensive in the amount of locations in different countries it covers.

When you actually get to the booking process you’ll get all the relevant information about all cars such as maximum luggage space, number of passenger seats available in the car and what insurance coverage you will have as well as many minor details such as whether the car is a manual or automatic and whether the car has air conditioning or not.

All of this is professionally backed up with excellent after sales services, which will allow you to change any booking details online in your own time and also ensuring that you receive all the required details immediately after booking. Receiving your documents immediately after booking is a very important detail because clients need to know that they have securely booked their car hire and that they have all required documents.

Among the worldwide location we offer; Spain, Portugal, France, Germany,Australia and Canary Island are always been famous to spend holidays and car hire is in more demand here. If you book a car hire in advance and compare car hire products carefully, then you can save up to 25% on all car hire booking.

So, as you can hopefully see that this website is extremely easy to use and that it’s extremely informative. I hope that youll agree that it will be a welcomed addition to those other entire car hire sites out there which can drive you crazy, please excuse the pun! So save yourself more than just money and time by booking at Entire Car Hire.

Car Park Investment Or Car Parking Investment-a Beneficial Investment

Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is now considered a lucrative and profit-earning investment. With the ever-growing increase in the number of roads that are plying on the road there has been an increasing demand in the amount of parking space for cars. The need for such space is growing every single day with the number of car owners increasing each day. Parking these cars has become a real headache and of utmost importance. Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment has been the ideal solution to such problems.

Nowadays we can find a lot of people interested in investing in buying property for lending out space for Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment. Such Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is made where there is a lot of population residing and in congested and commercial areas mostly around the centre of the city or hub. Investing in car parking lots around shopping malls are a great idea if you want to make the best profit out of leasing out such parking space. With the rise in the number of cars everyday the price of such parking space is getting costlier and selling like hot cakes.

Such Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is gaining tremendous popularity and response in countries like U.K, Dubai and U.S.A. Most of these car parking spaces are leased out on a long term basis within a commercial building or complex. Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is a good way of getting a consistent and monthly flow of income rate. According to a recent survey and poll, it has been found that the drivers in London followed by the drivers in Birmingham, Glasgow and New Castle spending the maximum amount of time looking and hunting for car parking space.

Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment has been a boon in disguise for those owning cars because parking car is really a struggle and troubles-some job in crowded places. Again if the Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is made in a location which is easy to access and commute and it can reap great benefits for the same reason. So while investing in space to be rented out for car parking make sure that is located as such that car owners can drive in easily without the distance and space being a hindrance.

Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment is diversified property investment as we can find more and more people taking the risk of Car Park Investment or Car Parking Investment. Countries like New Zealand and Australia are also showing great interest in making such investments. This goes to prove that it is a really booming business venture which can actually help you in earning the maximum profit and gain. There is no doubt in the fact that it will entail you to reach newer heights in your business making goals.

Peel p50 worlds smallest car with only total 50 units

Peel p50 was made in the year of 1963. This car is the world’s smallest car ever. Till now a car with a size small as compared to this is not designed so far. The worlds smallest car Peel p50 was made with a total of 50 units. Now there are only 20 Peel p50 cars are available on the road. When the car was launched, the actual price of this car was total Rs.17,000/-. But now if you wants to buy a Peel p50 car, then you have to pay Rs.44,00,000/-. This three wheeler car has one door. It also has a single windscreen and a single headlight. The total length of this car is 134cm. The total width of this car is 99cm. To have a look on this car you have to visit ‘Replays believe it or not’ in London Peel p50 with its innovation & production

Peel p50 Production made in 1964 with solely fifty Peel P50s ever being made. Out of those originals solely twenty seven square measure illustrious to be still living creating the Peel P50 one among the rarest cars within the World! The Peel P50. With machines, though, little is nice. verify the iPhone – who have thought you will be able to get that abundant technology into 0.5 an in. of plastic? It is sad, then, that one amongst the marvels of Sixties shrinking, that was created on the is l & of Man, did not do in addition because it ought to. Based close to Peel Harbour the Peel Engineering Company was one amongst the leaders in plastic & fiberglass moulding, principally for boats & motorbikes till the boss, Cyril, set to provide the world’s smallest automotive.

Peel p50 with is engineering history

Peel p50

Peel microcars were in-built Peel, isl& of Man within the 1960’s by Peel Engineering. Owner designer Cyril Cannell & his work force LED by George Gelling created these cars in premises near peel harbour. Peel car was designed at the fore-front of glass fiber & plastics moulding technology, notable for its motorbike athletics fairings & boat-building This website is devoted primarily to the Peel P50 & Peel shaft, however additionally includes data on the Manxcar, Prototypes, Sc&inavian Minisport, P1000 & replicas. PEEL P50 SPECIFICATIONS Top speed50kmph (30mph) Maximum power2.2Kw (3.0bhp) Engine LayoutMid engine/Rear wheel drive Maximum range105km (65miles) ChassisFiberglass monocoque Total length1370mm (54in.) Total Width1041mm (41in.) Total Height1200mm (47in.) Size of wheelbase1270mm (47in.) Total weight50kg (130lbs) BalancePerfect 50/50 weight distribution Seating capacity5 members ColorsDragon red, Daytona white, Capri blue, Sunshine yellow, joyville Purple

Peel p50Peel p50Peel p50