How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels, Fast!

Did you know that stress can get in the way of your testosterone level? Day to day worries can put the brakes on testosterone production in a hurry. Once levels drop, you may feel like you’ve lost that sexual mojo that you once had. Loss of interest in life and intimacy with your partner can make you feel like the problems are just piling up.

It’s not all just about getting older anymore. There are all kinds of outside influences that will cause the your mojo to go south. There are also just as many medical treatments to help get a rise out of testosterone levels. But before you go popping synthetic pills or looking into testosterone replacement therapy, check into making a few changes that could boost your testosterone levels all of the time.

If you’re a bit overweight, or significantly overweight then it’s time to regroup and think about how you are handling your life. Once your body weight is at least 25-30% over your ideal weight you’re body gets a few extra doses of estrogen.

That’s right, the testosterone goes down and the estrogen goes up. In order to lose weight and find the real you, then you need to stick with a balanced diet. Don’t do the high-protein thing. Start exercising. This doesn’t mean the cardio class down the street. Hit the weights. Building muscle will boost testosterone levels.

Your love life is also affected by your sleep habits. Staring at porn at 3AM isn’t going to boost your testosterone. It’s going to drain you faster than letting the air out of a balloon.

Why do you think that mornings are the only time you have a chance at getting lucky in the bedroom? Because you’re well rested and your body has had time to get back into a cycle of sorts. Getting regular sleep is a must.

What if you’re not overweight but you still feel like you’ve lost that fire of your youth. Don’t go looking for a prescription or replacement therapy. These have an entire list of dangerous side effects that outweigh any possible advantages.

There is no reason to risk having a heart attack in order to jumpstart your love life. There are numerous natural supplements available right here on our website that will boost your testosterone levels without taking a toll on your body. Natural supplements work along with your body to bring your testosterone levels back to normal and can even increase them from what they once were.

I started taking the natural supplements to increase my testosterone level because I wasn’t able to quite stick to the workout thing and I had insomnia that I couldn’t shake. After a few weeks, my energy levels went up, my memory started improving and my bedroom activities have went from being able to hear the crickets chirp to more of a jungle theme.

I would recommend these to anyone who’s lost their mojo.

When you ought to take Risks on Your Golf Shot

Deciding on your shots needs to be a series of risk/reward options, and whenever I give out advice on what choice to make the alternative ought to always be to the side of safety. It can make us extra disciplined in the manner we play the sport, and basically instructors in any sport will agree the team with better discipline will generally win in an evenly-matched game. Also, putting yourself in position for ensuing trouble-free golf shots will allow you to get into a rhythm with the swing. Check out a great pool player and he is continually setting himself up for a subsequent makeable opportunity.

But still risk/reward indicates taking some risk, so if you played out each shot within absolute safety it would not just be boring, but you would most likely still shoot higher scores. After all, we are competitors and like to live a little on the edge. The key is to have the discipline to choose one’s spots.

If you’re competing in match play, the normal risk/reward principles go out the window. Of course should your foe has put his approach golf shot two feet from the pin you will put aside playing risk-free. Losing by one or four for the golf hole will still be a lost hole. So we only will speak at this point in regards to you against the course, eighteen hole total score. Listed here are a few things to take into account:

1.First hole aspects. I would by no means recommend taking a chance at the first hole, and also for that case perhaps the first three holes. If you’re a bogie player, if you take three or four over par on the initial golf hole, it is a deficit you might spend the whole round attempting to recover from. And if you’re really irritated and this results in one more bad hole you’ll be in need of the beer cart. As well, give your swing some time to get into a rhythm before you request a precise shot from it.

2.Out-of-bounds. The penalty with OB is too great to entice chance there. You will probably be better going into a lake than out of bounds, and certainly when it is between out-of-bounds and also a bunker, aim at the trap.

3.Steep downhill putts. Lengthy downhill putts have 3-putt written all over them. In case you have options between chipping uphill or putting downhill, take the chip shot.

4.Pitching your shot over trouble. Low handicappers are usually not really troubled by lobbing their shot over danger, but a majority of players are not low handicappers. It really is psychological; however most players are going to execute better shots should there be no problems between golf ball and the objective. These golf shots usually demand a comfortable, tension-free golf swing, and there is nothing which brings out stress within the golf swing like finessing the golf ball over problems. If given the option take the problem-free option.

Maintaining a swing tempo is a way to keep the swing simpler. We think it is always important to simplify, even in the Jim O’Connell is a writer and avid golfer living in Chicago, devoted to assisting the golfer become better in his craft, to enjoy the game to its fullest.

China Electronics Wholesaler Tradingmic Hit The Market With Latest Version Of Car Dvd Player

As to the latest survey conducted by CEA, a large percent of car owners tend to buy car DVD players with built-in GPS navigation system that would make a long road trip easier.

The demand on GPS devices is keeping rising in a stable rate ,which make the car GPS market start to roar in an unprecedented speed, a speed that will drive the car GPS sales to a new height.

Wholesale dropship company tradingmic marketing director jack xiao said this is going to be a great chance for china on line wholesaler.

While demand for car DVD players with Car GPS navigation system was being fuelled by increased suppliers and wholesalers in China, tradingmics jack xiao warned buyers that pre-installed software should be paid more attention to before action because most of the softwares might not be as good as the seller claimed it was.

According to Tradingmics jack xiao, quoted:some China car DVD suppliers tend to offer cracked or sample software with their GPS car DVD players in order to seal the order without give enough caution to their customers about the risk of dysfunction of the software in intended countries due to unlicensed software version.

To meet the customers requirement ,Tradingmic will in no way offer our customers with the unreliable pirating GPS software, which can not be updated and upgrade later, instead, we provide our customers with fully-licensed software that would work perfectly in their location along with all the information and know-how on how to install the GPS software and how to upgrade later on.

Anyway, is a renowned and reliable china electronics wholesaler and dropshipper that you can trust and depend on. With a one year warranty assure and 3 month return policy, this is going to be your best choice in your life.
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Golf Tips – Look After Your Golf Clubs And They Will Look After You

It’s very important to look after your golf clubs – they will last longer and help you perform better on the golf course if you take just a little care of them.

You need to clean all parts of your golf clubs, and I recommend you clean them at least once a month – probably more in the winter months.

How to clean your golf clubs

For all parts of your golf clubs you can simply use warm water with a household detergent – washing up liquid is ideal.

1. The golf club head.

This is the most important part of the club to clean since any dirt in the grooves will affect the strike – even with a putter. Also if you keep playing with dirt in the grooves it could start damaging them.

Use a soft scrubbing brush with the warm soapy water and gently scrub the club head paying particular attention to those grooves. Rinse the club head with clean water and then dry the head with a soft cloth. This is important otherwise you may start seeing rust spots – especially if you’ve owned your clubs for a while.

2. The shaft.

The most important thing with the metal shafts is to dry them if they’ve got wet. Otherwise you may find rust spots developing. The other important thing (including graphite shafts) is to wipe them down to remove any grit that may have got on them as you’ve put clubs back into your golf bag. This is to ensure they don’t get scratched.

3. The grip.

A good condition (and clean) grip should feel slightly ‘tacky’, especially when you are wearing a good glove. It’s very important to keep your grips in good condition otherwise you will have to grip the club too tightly and this will mean you cannot release the club since your muscles will be too tense.

Again use warm soapy water but use a scouring pad or stiff brush and really give it a proper scrub. Rinse it afterwards with clean water and then dry or leave to air dry.

On a final note about the golf club grips, depending upon how much you play your grips should be replaced regularly, including your putter grip. I replace mine every 3-6 months depending on how much I’m playing. I recommend that you replace your grips at least once a year…

Other Golf Tips For Looking After Your Golf Clubs

1. Use a cover for your putter.

Your ‘woods’ (driver / 3-wood) will come with covers to protect them, and perhaps your putter will. If it doesn’t then see if you can buy one – you use your putter more than any other club and you need to protect the club head.

2. Ensure your golf bag doesn’t stretch the shafts.

Good golf bags should have separate sections (four is quite common) to keep clubs apart. The sections should have soft material at the top to ensure the shafts don’t get scratched as you put them back in the bag.

3. Dry your clubs when they get wet.

If you’ve been playing in wet conditions make sure you take your clubs out of the bag and wipe them down. Leave them (and the bag) to dry properly before putting them back in. This will help stop the shafts going rusty.

Looking After Your Clubs On The Golf Course

You should always have a towel in your golf bag so you can wipe the club head after you’ve used it. The golf pro caddies usually dampen one half with water to make wiping the heads easier, and then use the other end of the towel to dry them.

Make sure the grooves of the clubs are nice and clean to avoid any mis-hits and also to ensure you generate plenty of back-spin. You can buy little brushes to keep in your bag or use the end of a tee peg to clean them.

Taking care of your clubs will ensure they perform for longer at their best and you will perform at your best.

Malaysia’s Used Car Market

In today automotive industries, most of the consumers somehow will consider to buy used car instead of new car after they have make the decision to buy a car. Today second hand car has become popular choices among Malaysian especially those who is belong to lower or middle annual income group. The used car market has become more active compared with last time and this is because not much consumers are afford to buy new car. Even we know that the new sedan with high quality of any brand roughly cost up to RM 80,000.00 to RM 100,000.00.
In Malaysia automotive industries we can see that the numbers of second hand car dealers are growing and the used cars owner are increasing as well. There are so many reasons why Malaysian wants to buy used car as part of the reason Malaysian have a perception that new car is expensive and not worth to buy due to expensive prices. Even today we can see a lot of popular second hand car such as Toyota, Honda, Perodua and Kia. The reason is most Malaysian trust more on the imported used car if compared with local used car. The best place to find second hand car definitely you can get the information from the used car website which provides the cars information, price, car dealers contacts and the picture of the car.
When the consumers had decided to buy a car, the decision making process somehow are affected by few factors that included the total of car loan, the depreciation of the car value, maintenance of the car, average income and the quality of the car that come into the buyers consideration. Even nowadays many consumers choose to buy used car compared with the new car. Now what we can see is the trend of today used car market considered as popular as new car and everyone understands that why more and more Malaysian will consider buying used car.
After we had looked into detail and identified some factors that will affected car buyers decision and the used car market, now with some useful information we will see why Malaysian will consider to buy used car instead of new car. First of all the first factor is the average income of Malaysian. Regardless of those who had high annual income which average RM 60,000.00 a year who are affordable to buy new car, but for those whose the income average from RM 36,000.00 to RM 48,000.00 considered as low to middle income group that the used car is more affordable. If much more Malaysian fall into low to middle income group due to the economy factors and fluctuation of inflation has affected to the used car market as well. From here we can see that the trend of the used car will be more popular compared with new car. I dont know that this is good news for the used car dealer but definitely is a bad news for those who prefer to buy new car.
As for the information, when want to buy a car you need to understand how much total of loan that you are going apply from the bank. It is normal that the loan interest for second hand car is higher than new car. The car loan not only depends on the average annual income but also the affordability to pay back the loan plus interest. The new car interest may roughly around 3.8% to 4% depends on banks that the best to be offered and surprisingly the interest for second hand car can be even more higher than 4% which is subject to the bank or the car dealer offer. This loan interest definitely will affected the used car market as if the interest rate keep going higher and higher, therefore less people will buy used car anymore.
Furthermore buying a second hand car helps those used car consumers skipped from the high car value depreciation because usually the high depreciation occurs in the first to second year. But if with the new car you actually pay more from the actual car price from the installment included the monthly interest. Many people will think that second hand car need high maintenance and actually its depends on how the ex car owner take care of the car. This definitely you need to do some survey first and get the car for inspection before pay the down payment.
If you want to compare the quality between the new car and used car, I can tell you that definitely the quality of new car is better than the used car. One thing that you need to understand that new car mean everything is new, the engine is new and even the parts are new too. Somehow it is not really mean the used car quality is bad but it is not as good as new car. The issue here is, used car sometime need to be maintained well in order to keep the car performance smooth and deliver good driving experience. The maintenance of the used car sometime maybe need to spend a lot of money which this is depends on the years of the car. Even in today used car market, the numbers of car owner send their car for service and inspection most of it is used car owner. When we see all the car workshops the number of used car is higher than new car.
Well, to buy new car or second hand car is very subjective decision for each individuals and its really depends on you and what is your opinion of the used car. As mentioned earlier, annual income and the car value depreciation are the factors of why Malaysian will considered buying used car even they afford to buy new car. From all the information gathered, my opinion is the second hand car is worth to be invest as can avoid from the first 2 years of car depreciation and no need to waste a lot on the interest rate.

Why Core Training for Football Is a Must If You Want to Dominate

I’ve found that the core muscle group is one of the most under-developed and overlooked muscle groups for football players today.

If you haven’t been deliberately training your core, I’m hoping that will change after you read this today.

Before I get into the benefits of core training, I want to first clarify a common piece of misinformation out there.

A lot of people think that your core is made up of only your abs, obliques, and lower back. This is not true.

Your core also includes the muscles that run up and down your back, along your spine, in as well as your hip flexors and glutes.

So without further a-do, here are the ways a stronger core can help you become more dominant on the football field:

1. Change of Direction Skills – You know those clips that make the Sportscenter Top 10 where a defender gets juked-out and looks silly?

Would you like to be able to do that? Of course you would.

The ability to change directions on a dime plays a major part in being elusive and shifty on the football field.

Strengthening your core can help you with your change of direction abilities.

2. Explosion – Who doesn’t want be more explosive? The more explosive you are, the faster your 40 time, and if you’re a football player, you know how important the 40 yard dash is.

3. Power – It’s believed that a stronger core will improve your overall power. Power is what will help you win more of those one-on-one collisions you’re sure to face on the football field.

Before your extremities begin to move, your central nervous system stabilizes your spine in anticipation for the movement.

It’s believed that the rate at which the core muscles stabilize the spine may have a direct effect on the power of limb movement.

Regardless of whether you’re a running back who wants to become more of a “power back”, or if you’re a defensive player looking to make more big hits, a stronger core can help you get where you want to be.

4. Improved strength in the weight room – Strength plays a major part in the amount of power you can generate on the field.

The stronger your core, the more weight you’re going to be able to lift.

Do you want to be known as one of the strongest players on your team? If you do, yet you’ve been neglecting your core muscles, you’re probably not lifting as much weight as you could with a stronger core.

5. Endurance – The stronger core helps improve the endurance of your core, which means that the stronger your core gets, the longer you’ll be able to maintain high levels of performance for all of the other attributes you read about in this article.

For example, you don’t want to just be powerful and explosive in the first quarter, you want to maintain that ability late into the fourth quarter too.

Since your core plays such an important role in these abilities, you want your core to retain that high level of strength for as long as you can.

6. Decreased Risk of Injury – You can’t make plays on the sidelines, so you should do everything you can to reduce your risk of getting hurt on the field.

While having a strong core won’t make you immune to getting injured, having a strong core can help reduce your risk to suffering lower-back pain and injuries.

As a former collegiate player that still experiences lower-back issues from time to time, trust me when I tell you that you want to take every precaution you can to prevent going through lower back issues.

7. Balance – You can’t make plays laying on the ground, so it’s in your best interest to work on your balance.

There’s not a place on the field where balance isn’t important, but it’s absolutely crucial for running backs and players along the line of scrimmage that experience contact nearly every play.

If you’re a running back or receiver, you know how important it is to be able to gain yards after contact.

If you want to improve your ability to gain yards after getting hit, you definitely want to improve your balance.

Although your equilibrium plays a huge part in your balance, staying up after contact relies on hip, ankle, and knee stability, along with strong core muscles.

8. Decreased risk of muscle imbalances – In a nutshell, muscle imbalances occur when muscles that work together are imbalanced in regards to size, strength, and/or flexibility.

These imbalances cause muscles to become overused as they try to compensate for the imbalances.

A very well-known and highly respected sports trainer said that he believed that nearly 65% of all human injuries are related to muscle imbalances.

9. Improved posture/overall athletic performance – Now with the other benefits mentioned in this article, like better change of direction abilities and power, it’s pretty obvious that having a strong core can help you become a better football player on the field.

But there’s another reason why a strong core can help you on the field, and that’s because of the benefits of having better posture.

Yep, posture.

Believe it or not, having better posture can improve your performance on the field.

The American Medical Athletic Association conducted a study and concluded that when you have improper amounts of pressure on your joints, spine, muscles, and/or nerves, your athletic performance will drop.

And as you guessed, a stronger core can prevent these “improper” amounts of pressure from being placed on these body parts.

So there you have nine ways working on your core can improve your performance on the field.

What’s next, is that you find a core workout, and get to work. It’s time to dominate!

Good luck.

The Strategic Role of the Operations Function in the Car Audio Industry

From a manufacturers point of view, to identify the strategic role of the operations function is vital in the business success. This is also true in the car audio industry. Before judging or evaluating the contribution of operation of a car audio manufacturer, it is important to know the role of the operation function in the first place. In other words, to understand the exact parts that it plays in the company. In the car audio company of car stereo, car radio and auto radio, the operational managers will fail to identify whether the operations in progress are really building a long-term success of the business, if the role of operations functions is not fully understood and appreciated in the company.

Before going for the role of the subject, a car audio supplier must figure out the core value, the mission and vision of the company at the first stage, as the role is based on this core information of the company of car stereo, car radio and auto radio. Then the next step is to understand the underlying rationale of the operations function in the company, which is more than just the tasks or responsibilities. The operational managers can treat it as simple as the reasons that the operations function exists.

With the very reason why the operations function continuously exists in the company of car stereo, car radio and auto radio, an operational manger can understand the major three roles, which are the implementing, supporting and driving of the business strategy.

1. Implementing the business strategy.

Implementing the business strategy is the first role. For most manufactures like the Car Audio Group, it is common to have some kind of strategies to win its business success. These strategies are put into practice by operations within the company. A business strategy is invisible; people can only experience how it works in the real practice. For example, if a supplier of car audio, car stereo, car radio and auto radio launch a sales campaign targeted in the new car owner market in the hope of increasing market share in this special sector, suitable marketing operations is supposed to be planned to attract new car owners. Discount prices and promotional activities may be arranged throughout the campaign. In terms of customer service operation, the company may build a new customer service team to improve the satisfaction of the customers. Most importantly in the product development operation, the new function may need to be built on the products of car stereo, car radio and auto radio. The value of the role of implement of business strategy is very significant for the company, because business will not be successful without a capable operations function even though the business strategy is carefully planned.

2. Supporting the business strategy.

A second role is to support the companys strategy. In this role, it must integrate and develop resources to facilitate all activities to let the organization achieve strategic goals and objectives. Take a car audio manufacturer of car stereo, car radio and auto radio for example, if the manufacturer is trying to be the leader in the market for an available new product innovation, its operations function must be capable of dealing with changes and unexpected difficulties that the new innovation will bring. It must have new process or production line to support the production of new designs. It must also have comprehensive training courses for the staff to keep updated with the new functions and put the changes of operations in practice. A strong relationship with its suppliers is supposed to be built, for the quick response on novel materials sourcing. The operations function is also supposed to adopt a different practice and objectives if the car audio manufacture decided to change its strategy.

3. Driving the business strategy.

Driving the business strategy is a third role, to develop long-term competitive advantages for the company. Any bad practice such as low-quality product, broken promises, unsatisfactory services and limited choice of model numbers will ruin the business strategy, let alone the long-term business success. On the contrary, if the manufacturer of car audio, car stereo, car radio and auto radio can provide continuous good products, fast delivery, satisfactory customer services, it will drive successful business strategy, and finally contributes to successful business success and positive company image. All these short-term and long-term success will not to be built with good operations function. An operations function of a car audio manufacturer that is offering both short-term and long-term advantages is driving the business strategy to meet business goals and objectives. Moreover, if the operations function of a manufacturer is able to cope with uncertain challenges of market of car audio, car stereo, car radio and auto radio in the future, it will certainly bring future success for the company.

Adrenaline Sports In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Adrenaline Sports activities in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are on the rise thanks to a number of events and festivals supported by the UAE government. Getting kids active in the Emirates is a core government directive and with a number of the worlds premier adrenaline sports events taking place in Abu Dhabi in 2009 the emirates is starting to become the Adrenaline Sports hub of the GCC.
Some key events in the GCC include the Adrenaline Sports Festival that is presented by Rani a popular drinks company in the Middle East. Companies like Rani view Adrenaline Sports as the ideal platform for them to interact directly with their target youth audience in the Gulf region. Add to this events that include the Red Bull air race championships, the Formula 1, and other numerous sporting events from Dragon Boat racing to Dune Bashing its easy to see why the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are picking up most of the adrenaline sports business in the Middle East region.
Skydiving in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a sport thats finding a fast pick up with the local youth. The adrenaline rush that is brought about freefalling is just one of the major reasons why tourists and locals in Dubai embark in skydiving.
With interactive consumer festivals designed to encourage the UAE and wider Gulf population to become involved in adrenaline and adventure sports coupled with the number of available adrenaline based activities on the rise the regions sports industry is surpassing the growth of its European and US counterparts. Individual sports groups are also springing up, a good example is the Skate Society or 50C13TY, a well known group in Abu Dhabi skateboarding the team was created for all the skaters in Abu Dhabi is seeing its membership grow rapidly. The purpose of the group is to advertise skating and healthy living for the skaters, and to show how a real team works. Since this team was created in 2007 November, there were well organized trips to Dubai and many competitions in favor of the members of the team .
Dubai is also increasing its availability of Adrenaline based sports, in Dubai you can find two water parks including the 18 hectare Wonderland fun park features a wide range of water attractions including speed slides, surf hills, wave runners and a Caribbean cruise. Wild Wadi – Offers thrill-seekers hours of fun at one of the world’s most advanced water theme parks. Featuring the tallest and fastest water speed rides outside North America, other attractions include Log River, Ring Ride, Flood River,Wave Pool, Flow Rides, Lazy River and much more. This adds to the Ski Dubai Snow Park Dubais Indoor Snow Park.that offers the first indoor ski slope in the GCC. Of course trips to the desert have always been popular; safaris are generally half day and can include an overnight stay in one of the Bedouin tents and today these trips include Wadi-Driving – This is a popular pastime with both residents and visitors. This involves exploring the wadis or dry beds of streams that flow after winter rains from the Hajar Mountains.
Dune driving – Driving in sand can be a thrilling experience by itself and this combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting surface. Sand-Boarding – Those with a penchant for speed, a head for heights and enthusiasm for an unusual sport will enjoy and boarding down the dunes of the Dubai desert. When it comes to Adrenaline Sports in the Middle East the Emirates is leading the way and Dubai and Abu Dhabi are set to add to their already impressive range of Adrenaline Sports events.

Can Resveratrol Boost Your Athletic Endurance

Most research studies of resveratrol, the new wonder drug made from the skins of grapes and found in red wine, have focused on its anti-aging effects. However, new studies are being conducted to determine whether or not resveratrol can boost a person’s physical endurance, giving athletes an advantage in the field of competition.

In fact, several experts are now speculating that athletes may one day take resveratrol as an endurance and performance enhancer. The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France recently conducted an animal study to determine whether or not high doses of resveratrol in mice would impact their endurance during exercise. The results of this fascinating study were published online in the journal Cell. In the study, the mice were fed a high-fat diet and given up to 400mg of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight prior to an exercise test.

A typical lab mouse can run roughly one kilometer on a treadmill before collapsing from exhaustion. During the study, however, the mice that were given the resveratrol supplements were able to run twice the distance of the mice that were not given resveratrol. The resveratrol-supplemented mice were also found to have energy-charged muscles and a much lower heart rate. Dr. Johan Auwerx, who headed this study said, “Resveratrol made the mice perform like trained athletes, without the training.”

The study also determined that one of the reasons why resveratrol is highly effective in boosting muscle endurance is because more mitochondria were present in the muscles of the resveratrol-supplemented mice. Mitochondria are known as the “powerhouses of cells” – they are very small organelles that are responsible for transporting energy to the cells. When more mitochondria are present in muscle tissue, more fat can be converted into energy. Consequently, less fat is stored. Dr. Auwerx posits that resveratrol might activate sirtuin genes in the body. The sirtuin genes then activate a substance known as PGC1-alpha, which in turn stimulates the muscles to produce more mitochondria.

As a result, the muscles of the resveratrol-supplemented mice in the study had characteristics similar to those of trained athletes, without any of the training typically required of such characteristics. The study also showed, however, that when the mice were given low doses of resveratrol, the sirtuin gene was not activated. While the study concluded that humans would have to drink hundreds of glasses of wine each day to get the equivalent level of resveratrol that was administered to the lab mice in the study, the recent introduction of highly concentrated resveratrol daily supplements has many people excited about the possibilities.

“This compound (resveratrol) could have many applications, including the treatment of obesity and diabetes. It may also improve endurance and help the frail,” said Dr. Auwerx. Dr. Auwerx is convinced that the results of his study may someday be replicated in humans. However, despite the extremely encouraging results, more research will need to be done to determine whether or not the results achieved in the mouse study can ever be achieved in humans.